In-Home Dog Behavior Training

Dogs do not always live up to our expectations. Owners do not always understand how to convey their expectations to their dog. I can analyze the situation, improve behavior and create the relationship so both you and your pet can be happier with dog behaviorist techniques.

Whether it is a young pup not yet able to grasp what you are attempting to teach, or a more experienced dog intent on choosing how he/she wants to behave, help is available.

Are you willing to invest what it takes to shape your canine’s behavior into the best of behaved dogs to be proud of? Are you willing to invest in your dog’s future in the pack?

Our initial 1½ hour in-home consultation is only $60

Used to gather background information and to observe first hand your dog’s interaction with you and other household members, this is the start to pinpointing specific problem behaviors to modify. A program can be tailored to even the tightest of household budgets.

Achieve a mutual understanding of expectations between you and your dog, along with the knowledge of how to make it all happen, and be on the path to a better relationship everyone deserves. This will be an investment that will produce a lifetime of dividends. (319) 366-3284